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Welcome to UrbanFeat Construction, your one-stop destination for premium construction and interior designing services in Lucknow. As leading builders in Lucknow, we take pride in delivering exceptional services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Our expertise spans across various domains, including apartment buildings, offices, and homes. At UrbanFeat, we specialise in transforming spaces into aesthetically pleasing and functional environments. From conceptualization to execution, our dedicated team ensures meticulous attention to detail in every project.

Immerse yourself in the epitome of luxury with our bedroom interior design services. Our skilled designers bring creativity and innovation to redefine your personal space, creating a harmonious blend of comfort and style. Explore the heart of your home with our kitchen interior design, where functionality meets elegance, and every detail is crafted to perfection.

As renowned architects in Lucknow, we go beyond conventional boundaries, offering comprehensive solutions for both residential and commercial spaces. Whether you’re envisioning a contemporary office layout or a cozy home interior, our architects and builders collaborate seamlessly to bring your vision to life.

The decoration is an art, and at UrbanFeat, we excel in curating spaces that reflect your unique taste and personality. Our interior solutions encompass a spectrum of styles, ensuring a perfect match for every client. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, UrbanFeat Construction stands as a beacon of excellence in the construction and architecture industry.

Experience the difference with UrbanFeat Construction – where innovation meets craftsmanship, and dreams are transformed into reality. Elevate your living and working spaces with our holistic approach to construction and interior design.

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Best Architectural Services
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Best Architectural Services

Architecture is an art, and our architecture company in Lucknow takes pride in delivering the best architectural services. Our skilled team of architects focuses on precision and innovation to create personalized designs. With a commitment to excellence, we are dedicated to being the best architect in Lucknow, offering unparalleled architect design solutions for your unique vision."

House Interior Design
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House Interior Design

"Home Interior Design takes centre stage with our expertise. Transform your space with the finest house designer near you. Our residential interior design services redefine house design, ensuring every detail reflects your style. Discover unparalleled flat interior design solutions that turn your vision into a personalised haven. Elevate your living experience with our unmatched home interior design services."

Architectural Drawing
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Architectural Drawing

"Architectural Drawing is our forte, defining excellence in design. As your go-to Architect Near Me, our architect company specialises in translating ideas into reality. Experience innovation with meticulous architect design, showcasing detailed 3D house plans and groundbreaking 3D building designs. Step into the world of modern architecture, where every stroke on paper transforms into a masterpiece."

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3D House Plans

"Architectural Drawing is our forte, defining excellence in design. As your go-to Architect Near Me, our architect company specialises in translating ideas into reality. Experience innovation with meticulous architect design, showcasing detailed 3D house plans and groundbreaking 3D building designs. Step into the world of modern architecture, where every stroke on paper transforms into a masterpiece."

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Kitchen Interior Design

"Kitchen Interior Design is our forte, harmonising functionality with style. Kitchen Interior Design isn't just about aesthetics; it mirrors your lifestyle. Our meticulous approach to Kitchen Interior Design ensures thoughtful detailing. Dive into the art of culinary spaces with Kitchen Interior Design, where innovation marries your unique taste, crafting a personalised haven. Elevate your cooking experience with our specialised Kitchen Interior Design services, turning your kitchen into a standout masterpiece."

Bedroom Interior Design
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Bedroom Interior Design

"Bedroom Interior Design takes centre stage in our creative process, transforming spaces into personalised havens. Immerse yourself in the immersive world of 3D room design, where every detail is meticulously crafted to enhance the ambiance. From Bedroom Interior Design to the artistry of living room design, our expertise extends to living room wall decor and room paints design. Elevate your living spaces with our innovative and personalised design solutions."

Residentials Interior Design
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Residential Interior Design

"Residential Interior Design is our expertise, transforming living spaces with a touch of innovation. As trusted builders in Lucknow, we seamlessly blend functionality with style, crafting environments that resonate with your lifestyle. Dive into the artistry of wardrobe interior design, experience thoughtfully crafted office interiors, and indulge in the sophistication of restaurant interior design. Elevate your surroundings with our comprehensive residential interior design services."

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Best Construction Company in Lucknow

"Best Construction Company in Lucknow: When searching for Home Builders Near Me, look no further. Our building contractor services redefine excellence. As the foremost Lucknow construction company, we ensure top-notch quality and precision in every project. Elevate your construction experience with our dedicated team, delivering unparalleled results and unmatched services."

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transform your Imagination with Urbanfeat Home construction and interior design.

Dive into a realm of endless possibilities with UrbanFeatHome Construction and Interior Design! 🌟 Ignite your imagination as we skillfully blend construction prowess and innovative interior design. From laying the foundations of your dreams to adding the perfect aesthetic flair, we craft spaces that resonate uniquely with you. 🏡✨ Experience the extraordinary – where construction meets creativity, and your vision becomes an exceptional reality. 🚀 Let UrbanFeatHome elevate your living spaces, turning every corner into a masterpiece!”

Our Work Flow

We follow the easiest construction and interior design working process flow.

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1. Client Consultation

Our process begins with a collaborative consultation where clients share their vision, requirements, and budget. We conduct an initial site assessment to better understand the space.

project management -

2. Innovative Concept Development:

Our experienced design team transforms ideas into tangible concepts. Using mood boards, sketches, and 3D renderings, we present creative solutions that align with the client's vision.

approve -

3. Client-Centric Design Approval:

Client feedback is integral. We engage in an iterative process, refining designs until achieving client approval, ensuring the final concept is a true reflection of their aspirations.

planning -

4. Meticulous Detailed Planning:

We delve into detailed architectural and interior plans, finalizing material choices, color schemes, and finishes with precision to bring the vision to life.

budget -

5. Transparent Budgeting:

A comprehensive and transparent budget is meticulously prepared, encompassing construction costs and design fees. We ensure open communication to align expectations with financial considerations.

approval -

6. Efficient Permitting and Approvals:

Our team handles the complexities of permitting and approvals, ensuring compliance with local regulations and building codes for a smooth project progression.

process -

7. Professional Construction Phase:

The construction phase involves meticulous tendering and contractor selection. Our project management ensures timelines are adhered to, with regular site visits to maintain quality.

implementation -

8. Artful Interior Implementation:

Interior design plans come to life with careful execution. From furniture installation to decor placement, we collaborate closely with contractors and suppliers to maintain design integrity..

quality control -

9. Rigorous Quality Checks:

We conduct continuous quality checks during construction and post-completion, addressing any issues promptly to deliver a finished product of the highest standard.

hand over -

10. Thoughtful Handover and Client Training:

A final walkthrough ensures client satisfaction. We provide training on specific features and systems to empower clients in their newly transformed space.

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11. Ongoing Post-Occupancy

Beyond project completion, our commitment extends to post-occupancy support, addressing adjustments and additional needs promptly. We offer maintenance guidance and share warranty information.

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12. Continuous Improvement through Feedback:

We conduct continuous quality checks during construction and post-completion, addressing any issues promptly to deliver a finished product of the highest standard.

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Urbanfeat Construction as one of the Construction &  Interior home décor company imbibes innovation and creativity. In whatever we do to create flexible collaborative spaces for our clients and meet their current and future needs with extreme proficiency.

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Client-Centric Design Approval

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Client-Centric Design Approval

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Efficient Permitting and Approvals

Customers reviews

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Sumit Patel

“Outstanding construction, timely delivery, and exceptional communication. Our dream home exceeded expectations. Highly recommend this team!”

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Shyam Agarwal

“Exceptional service, timely delivery, and top-notch interorior. Our dream project turned into reality. Highly recommend their expertise!”

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Rohit Bhatia

“Remarkable service, on-time delivery, and superb architect. Our project surpassed expectations. Highly recommend their exceptional expertise!

FAQ's Related to Interior, Construction & Architect

Sustainable design involves integrating eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient systems, and green construction practices. Architects and designers can incorporate features like passive solar design, efficient insulation, and the use of recycled materials. This not only reduces environmental impact but also enhances the aesthetic value by promoting innovative and thoughtful design solutions.

Technology is integral to modern interior design, offering smart home solutions, automated systems, and interactive design elements. Integrating technologies such as smart lighting, automated climate control, and customizable digital interfaces can enhance both the functionality and ambiance of a space. Collaboration with tech experts ensures seamless integration, creating a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality.

Preserving historical structures requires a delicate balance between maintaining the original character and integrating modern functionalities. Architects employ adaptive reuse strategies, respecting historical elements while introducing contemporary features. This may involve upgrading infrastructure, incorporating energy-efficient systems, and ensuring compliance with current building codes—all while preserving the historical integrity of the structure.

Designing a multi-functional space involves optimizing layouts, using versatile furniture, and creating zones for various activities. Considerations include flexible storage solutions, modular furniture, and the strategic placement of lighting to define different areas. Incorporating technology for work and entertainment purposes can enhance the versatility of the space, allowing it to seamlessly transition between work and leisure functionalities.

 Eco-friendly construction in diverse climates requires a region-specific approach. Construction professionals consider local climate conditions, using materials and techniques that maximize energy efficiency. This may involve passive design strategies, such as orientation for optimal sunlight and natural ventilation. Additionally, the selection of materials that withstand specific weather conditions contributes to the longevity and sustainability of the construction project.

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