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Important size of columns and footings for one and five story houses

Friends, both the column and the footing are one of the important aspects of the house, where the footing spreads all the load of the house into the ground, while the column depends on the loading and structural aspects. (Important size of columns and footings) On the other hand, if we talk about the size of the footing, then it is the depth of the foundation, the current condition of the soil, the type of soil, the hard start of the ground below and the safe bearing capacity of the soil, the type of construction like wall, Depends on live load and dead load.
So when the full load on the footing will be 300KG floor and the safe bearing capacity is 250XH2, generally the footing size 1.5L×1.5B to 2H is applied or fixed.

Know why footing is important in house construction | Important size of columns and footings

Let us tell you that footings are an important structural element when building a house, which safely transfers the load of pillars, beams, slabs and retaining structures to the soil. So make sure to keep this in mind while building a house. There are some other things also regarding the footing which need to be kept in mind. He is like this.
In order to properly transfer the load over the soil, it is necessary to design the footings. Do not build on waterlogged land without footing. In the construction of a large building, pay attention to its nuances. Provide adequate protection against overturning and slipping.

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