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Keep the minimum depth of foundation of the new house

There are two main parts of building a house, one above ground level, known as super-structure, (minimum depth of foundation) while the other is built below ground level, called sub-structure . On the other hand, if we talk about the foundation, then it is a part of the sub-structure.

The foundation is a part of the building, which distributes the load of the structure to the ground. The most important thing here is that the foundation distributes the load of the structure in such a way that the soil under the base of the foundation never undergoes much settlement. Therefore, when excavating the foundation, several factors such as soil type, minimum depth of foundation, site topography should be taken into consideration. So let us know here that how much depth we should keep the foundation based on the type of soil.

What should be the minimum depth of foundation?

If we talk about the depth of the foundation, then there should be a minimum vertical distance between the base of the foundation and the surface of the natural ground.

Know in which soil how much foundation should be excavated

Soil changes its volume depending on the season. Therefore, when you are digging the foundation, first of all get the soil tested. Because the change in soil volume is due to wetting and drying out seasonally. Therefore, the depth of the foundation should be kept up to one meter.
As is black or cotton soil, which shrinks and swells significantly depending on the season.

For a one or two storey house, it is advisable to keep the foundation at least 1200 mm below the depth. Because here the cracks get closed.
The excavation of the foundation adjacent to or adjacent to a ditch, pond, watercourse, filled ground or sub-soil, the foundation should be laid to a depth.
In the case of rock or other weather resistant ground, the foundation should be raised to a depth of at least 50 cm above ground level.

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